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About LEAP

Leap is an organization made up of researchers, behavioral health experts, and mentors who are passionate about helping people experience healing of mental-emotional pain and reparation of relationship fractures.

Our focus and research in advanced behavioral sciences allows us to be constantly poised for discovering more effective skills and methodologies that accelerate our clients towards higher probabilities of achieving their goals.

We believe in the plasticity of the brain; that it is malleable, and that most unhealthy relationship behaviors, emotional states, and mental challenges can be permanently changed.

Our experience indicates that most people are not using level 5 solutions for the level 5 challenges that exist in their mental health and relationships. Leap's unique multi-strategy approach is tailored specifically to meet clients' needs and acts as a catalyst to create substantial, permanent change in their lives.

Our team at Leap is proud to boast how clients often express their appreciation for the high level of passion and commitment the Leap team demonstrates while sticking-with-them to see their goals realized. To learn more about the kinds of results Leap can help produce in you or a friend's life, speak with a Leap mentor today, contact us here.

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