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LEAP's Leadership Team

Cindy Hansen, BA-Psych, HHP
Director of Online Client Activities

Cindy's focus during her psychology studies was behavioural health metrics. She is passionate about their application in providing clients with a stronger voice in the client-mentor experience. Cindy has been instrumental in the initial and ongoing innovation of the Leap client dashboard metrics, which has been designed to increase the engagement between clients and mentors throughout the week on top of their regular weekly sessions. Cindy is additionally the Director of R&D for Leap's sister company, MyOutcomes, which maintains ongoing collaboration with pioneering psychologists, Dr. Barry Duncan and Dr. Scott Miller, in the field of Feedback Improved Therapy (FIT). This latter role provides Cindy with the opportunity to collaborate with the MyOutcomes international base of over 3500 therapists who use MyOutcome tools and who are committed to measuring the effectiveness of therapy. Cindy has also worked as a therapist and continues to work with a small list of Leap clients, thus keeping her attuned to client experiences in their use of the Leap tools.

Karl A. Peuser, PhD.
Director of R&D

Karl, who earned his doctorate at the University of Missouri-Columbia, leads the research and development team for the Leap One-on-One and Group programs. The primary focus of the R & D Department is to analyze client data in order to evaluate and insure the effectiveness of the Leap programs as well as to develop and research new innovations so as to maintain our goal of continuing to increase program effectiveness. His academic and applied experience in experimental psychology and neurosciences provides Karl with the experience needed to ensure that our Leap programs are utilizing the most advanced behavioural science needed to support clients in achieving their health goals.

Karl has a fairly eclectic background in both his personal and academic background. A past Robert S. Daniel Teaching Fellow, he has taught over twenty different courses in psychology, neuroscience, research, history of science and substance abuse. A recipient of the Research Society on Alcoholism Junior Investigator Award, he has done research on the physiological basis of learning and memory, developmental neurobehavioural toxicology, alcohol use and abuse in college age students and harm reduction programs for young children.

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Vic LeBouthillier
Product Development

Currently Vic is Clinical Director at the Alive Wellness Center in-patient program for people working towards mental health well-being. He is also President of Health Factors where he leads a team of clinical researchers whose focus is keeping abreast of the latest findings in the field of advanced behavioral science. The goal of the Health Factors team is to increase the effectiveness and accessibility of treatment for people who want to overcome their mental health struggles and relationship fractures. These findings have been implemented in the following:

  • Alive for Wellness (http://aliveforwellness.com/) is a program developed to help people overcome their mental health struggles using a unique comprehensive multi-strategy approach combined with web 2.0 technologies.
  • MyOutcomes.com (http://www.myoutcomes.com/) is a clinical tool that enables counselors and therapists to improve their effectiveness and increase client success in achieving therapeutic goals. MyOutcomes also includes FIT eLearning, a series of learning modules that increase therapist competencies and qualifies as continuing education credits.

Health Factors which is internationally recognized for its mental health products used in 23 countries by both private and government clinics, insurance companies, and university clinical training programs. Health Factors has received the following awards and recognition:

  • The United Kingdom Medipex NHS Innovation Award for the field of mental health and well-being in 2016.
  • Placed on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s(SAMHSA) National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP).
  • Benjamin Franklin publishing awards for three publications.
  • Approved as a supplier of mental health products to the US military and is used on more than seven military bases.
  • Selected as a partner with the Mental Health Commission of Canada to promote guidelines for mental health in the workplace.

In his 35-year career, Vic also served as the CEO and publisher of the Alive Publishing Group, a health publishing company with distribution on three continents. One of their publications, the Alive Journal, introduced columns and feature articles covering "Men and Emotion" and "Emotional Intelligence". This publication drew a readership of over 1 million readers each month. Vic was also the President of Columbia Group, a management consulting firm that focused on workplace Human Resources and stress management training.


Darcy Kuhl, M.S.W., R.S.W.
Clinical Director

Darcy Kuhl leads the Leap clinical leadership team and supports research and development for new treatment programs. His clinical background providing therapeutic and case management services involved an impressive array of settings such as: Kelowna General Hospital, Kelowna Mental Health, Crossroads Treatment Center, Metis Community Services and Westbank First Nations. Through this breadth of work environments, he gained expertise in providing effective treatment for a number of psychological/behavioural areas of concern including: stress, depression, anxiety, anger, addictions, trauma, phobias, grief and loss, parenting, and marital/relational challenges.

Darcy was the Team Leader in the development of WISE (Weight Loss In Supportive Environments), a behavioural-based weight loss program that has been used by employees in over 60 USA and Canadian companies. WISE involves weekly teleconference phone calls and keeping individuals engaged via social media tools that help them to develop skills to ward off emotional and addictive eating.

He holds a Master of Social Work degree with a clinical focus in mental health. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Social Workers.

Ammar Ayesh, MBA, M.Sc.
Director of Social Media and Marketing

As online social communities continue to grow at exponential rates and penetrates most every sector of our lives, Ammar's key role is to excelerate the change process to support relationship and mental-emotional health skills. His focus at Leap is with social media innovations that allows clients to collaborate in social web communities in ways that allow for deep engaging connections to support their goals. Ammar brings a world of international experience to the Leap team and has worked in many cultures within three continents.

Farida Contractor, B.Com, CHRP
Chief Technology Officer

Farida Contractor oversees Leap's information technology (IT) and software development team. Her responsibilities include developing all of Leap's web-based/smart phone tools and insuring compliance with confidentially acts.

Farida has more than 25 years of experience leading and implementing a multitude of large IT and software development projects. She was a member of the development team at Winfax that created the first digital fax software. Farida also worked in Deloitte and Touche's IT division and as Chief Technology Officer of Health Factors Inc. Her leadership skills and commitment to service excellence are an invaluable resource in helping to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Leap's client-mentor relationship.

Chris Stocker, B.Sc
Development Manager

Chris Stocker is a senior software engineer with extensive programming experience in health-science projects. Working in both PHP and .NET languages, he has created numerous custom web applications for clients. His work has earned him a reputation for building and maintaining bug-free, user-friendly software. Chris is similarly committed to providing MyOutcomes' users with world-class technical support.

Sabitri Ghosh

Sabitri Ghosh is an award-winning writer, researcher, and health journalist with an innate ability to articulate complex messages in an understandable, highly readable written form. She oversees all aspects of copywriting and storyboarding for MyOutcomes' multimedia and online content and works closely with our professional clients to develop operations and training manuals.

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Leap mentors are individuals certified in the Leap mentoring process. The selection criteria for the majority of Leap mentors is a masters or degree level and accomplished track records in mental-health and relationship health disciplines.

Leap's definition of a Mentors is a person with an ability to establish a high TQ [Trust Quotient) with you, the client, resulting in a strong sense of feeling safe, understanding and connectedness

Leap Mentors:

  • Are sincerely caring and compassionate about the people they help.
  • Have a passion to achieve client success that's typical to that of an entrepreneur in his first venture or an athlete compelled to win.
  • Have obtained a high level of personal success in the specific area they mentor in, and are therefore able to articulate the steps towards healing based on experience, rather than from theory.

Before clients are assigned a mentor they will have the opportunity to review the mentors background and view a video of them to ensure that there is a confidence that engagement can occur.

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