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Leap Mentoring Client Testimonies

Those considering doing a Leap program may request to make contact with any persons listed below by contacting our office.

I first retained the Learn to Leap team to help me overcome some mental health struggles over 12 years ago. I worked with Vic LeBouthillier during this time and found his skills combined with his dedication to my health to be the impetus that allowed me to not only regain a strong state of mental health, but have recently gained strong leadership competencies with employee in a new phase of work we are doing together.

Currently my partner and I retain Vic's management consulting experience together with his training on Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and are very satisfied with his services.

Jason Peter
Business Manager Handsfree Landscaping Inc.

Over the past 3 years I have received great benefit from the wisdom and guidance of Vic LeBouthillier. As the President and CEO of Unlimited Contracting Inc. I have come to see the close relationship between my personal growth and development and the success of my corporation, and my team. Vic has anchored me with practical results driven advice that is suited to my needs and built on his experience in the corporate world and behavioral health.

The strong personal connection that Vic has established with me personally as well as our team is the driving factor for the continued success in our working relationship. My trust in Vic and his professionalism has been built in the trenches of growing our company through a tough recession. The Mentoring and guidance that Vic has shared has helped us double our corporate revenue for the past 3 consecutive years!

I am thankful to have met Vic LeBouthillier who has helped me evolve as a person and a leader . I would not be the leader I am today apart from his guidance - and I can also say, that neither would my relationship skills be where they are without his mentoring.

Without hesitation I recommend Vic LeBouthillier as a High-Value asset in a competitive and evolving global marketplace.

Brandon Farr
Unlimited Contracting

I first started working with Vic to help my husband both in his personal and work life. My intent was to be there for support. In my husband was dealing with a lot of stress, our marriage was suffering in every area and his business was about to go under.

I felt that if my husband received the help he needed everything would work out. I had done a lot of work on myself in the past years and thought that I was fine in dealing with all the stress around me. Well I was so wrong. It didn't take long for Vic to see that I was shut down, I was angry and blaming my husband for the situation we were in, I was also gaining a lot of weight and not taking care of myself, I was surviving but not by much. Looking back I can see now that I had given up on being in a loving nurturing relationship with my husband. I was settling, this was affecting the relationships with my children my friends and my co-workers.

Vic worked with us one on one and as a couple, looking at what was important to each of us in our relationship what was important to us as individuals. He put a strategy together providing me with tools that helped to regulate the anger and deal with the stress, taught us to check in with each other when things aren't going right or if one of us is having a bad day. In the past we would be upset and take it out on each other because we did not understand how to communicate what was really going on to one another.

Working with Vic I also realized that I needed to be committed to changing the way I lived my life other wise nothing was going to change.

Working with Vic has given my marriage the love and tenderness it was missing, I enjoy being with my husband, we communicate, we have more intimacy, life is fun again. Vic kept me accountable in a positive nurturing way providing me with examples of ways to deal with my issues, he taught me how to communicate with my husband so that he would understand me. I continue to work with Vic because I want to be the best that I can be.

Thank you Vic

Giselle, Davis
Owner of Marketing Firm, Married and Mother of 3

My husband and I retained Learn to Leap to mentor us to make improvements in our business. The first thing that occurred was for me to realize that I struggled to assert myself. The first thing I learned through their mentoring process was to increase my confidence in my business skills and as I did, the respect from my husband and employees increased. It was a powerful experience to see my self confidence increase, and feeling like I was being heard. The results ended up growing our revenue with a healthier and more productive culture.

Ken & Donna Tolsdorf

I hired Vic back in 2010 because I believed my business and my marriage were On the rocks,and somehow the whole thing was connected . Vic first taught me how to handle my stress so that I could focus my mind to the Difficulties in front of me ,and find solutions not wallow in despair. Since then, I have right sized my business and we are moving forward with a much better plan for the future ,and much happier employees. My wife and I are also moving in a much more cohesive and loving way. By regulating my emotions I communicate much deeper with my wife and clearer with my employees.

The experience working with Vic ,I believe has saved my company and my marriage . Vic was nurturing as I discovered my pain ,and direct in letting me know when it was time to take action.

Warren Jones
President of Water Works Inc., Married and a Father

I began working with Vic at a time when everything in my life was unravelling. Marrige, family, career were all in broken pieces around me. It was Vic's coaching that cut through pain and confusion, providing some light to the path ahead. Vic has a tremendous ability to really listen, to understand the uniqueness of a situation, to embrace the complexity, and boil things down to the simple core truths, that become anchors and navigation in the storm of confusion and turmoil.

Vic's coaching is characterized by humility, intelligence, "real-life" experience, authority, and deep care for the individual he's working with. He is well-read and knowlegdable ion the academic side of counseling, business and human behavior, he applies it - and yet his coaching is always custmoized to the individual, practical and "down to earth". I would highly recommend Vic's coaching - I have personally beneifited from it and I continue to rely on it.

Lawrence Schmidt
Former Pastor, Writer, Married and a Father

Just spent some time with Vic today on the phone. I feel it went awesome. I feel extremely confident that now that we are scheduled to meet each week that it is going to work out well. Vic has a way of making certain feeling surface in me that I obviously need to look at.

Marie St Laurant
Owner of Trucking Firm, Married and a Mother

It might have been a tiny ad,
Or perhaps a hurt so bad-
How about a honeymoon?
Or a sense of impending doom?

Some of us came and brought a friend
Others alone, but for a different end.
Sex, age and weight it mattered naught
For each inside, a dream we brought.

We came in sickness and in health
To unlock our inner wealth
That each of us knew, deep inside,
Was where heart, mind and soul should reside.

One by one we did arrive
To make ourselves feel more ALIVE
A vegan diet-no fish, dairy or meat
What, oh what, would Rory serve us to eat?

Eileen's food was FAB-every dish, delish
But eating lunch at dinner made for quite a switch.
Each presentation was a visual delight
Prepared with love and care in every bite.

Fresh air, sunshine, climb a hill
Was the daily prescription of Dr. Phil
While our favorite medicine for feeling blah
Was another great treatment at the spa.

Manage stress, and Dr. Potter's EFT
Became our forms of therapy.
Lead by example, always said VIC
So he used himself to show the trick.

As we bonded, staff, guests and Chance
The days flew by like a crazy dance.
We all grew closer day by day
Jane and Liza friends did stay.

James and Maritama's newly wed bliss
Went far beyond a hug and a kiss
Jokes all day and breakfast in bed
James sure knows how to get ahead!

For Dana, Mary and Shirley's medical ills
We wish good health and to banish all pills
An end to all the aches and pains
Should be each one's personal gains.

Barb's angelic smile and face
Gives us hope for the human race
And who could resist sweet Joan's smile and wit?
While Katherine's décor is a calming hit.

Mary-Anne shed a tear or two,
But her love of self just grew and grew
The business acumen and determination of Jack
Means only for pleasure will he come back!

Mitch learned to tap into his heart
Believe in himself, and know he's smart.
With a winning smile and personality,
A great success in life we know he'll be.

Thomas makes the garden grow
With seeds of love, results will show.
Making miracles happen is common history
And since being here, why, is no mystery.

Some will remain and some depart,
But each of us within our heart
Will cherish each and every day
And hopefully good friends we'll stay!

Let's all go home with inspiration
After expending lots of perspiration
We each came with our personal goal
And now we depart, a bit more whole.

I came to write about Alive
And I found a place to grow and thrive.
ALIVE with heart and soul and vision,
We honour you in this noble mission.

By Randi Winter/Travel Editor GLV and FIRSTLINE Magazines
Travel Specialist in Inspired Pursuits
Renshaw Travel & Cruise Concepts

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