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The Leap team believes that some of the greatest advancements in the fields of social and psychological health sciences are occurring right now. Through collaborative learning and research in the fields of applied behavioral and social sciences, Leap's ability to help clients is accelerating at a rapid rate. This is why we know that you don't need to accept mental and emotional pain as a life sentence. We use advanced health sciences, innovative technologies to facilitate long-term improvements to your well-being.

Leap offers the following programs to enhance mental-emotional health:

  • Depression ...the way out
  • Building Stress Resilience
  • Conquering Anxiety
  • Stopping Emotional Eating
  • Anger ...and how to direct it

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At Leap, we believe that your most valued relationships that have been fractured, can be restored. To date, we've had a 79% rate of success with individuals who have completed our program. We are passionate about seeing your relationship restored, and we take an innovative and scientific approach to help make this happen.

Relationships give us the greatest joy, but also can cause some of the greatest pain that we'll ever experience. Sadly, many folks who experience this pain lose hope, and believe that they have no other choice but to give up on a relationship that means so much to them. It doesn't have to be this way...

Whether you face a strained work relationship, a fractured sibling relationship, or even a marriage that's in trouble, we can help you. Most damaged relationships can be healed – they don't have to end in disappointment and depression. It all begins with exploring your options with one of our Leap mentors.

Leaps offers the following programs:

  • Restoring fractures from primary relationships
    (marriages, parents, siblings, best friends)
  • Restorting fractures in workplace relationships
    (employers, co-workers, partnerships)
  • The Law of Attraction...how to find a life partner

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welcome to wise isn't a quick-fix weight-loss promise. It's an evidence-based approach that incorporates the latest advances in health science to help produce measurable outcomes in your life.

Losing weight and keeping it off requires more than just willpower. When you have an off day and you're tired and/or emotionally exhausted, your willpower is bound to wane, threatening the lifestyle changes you need to maintain for optimal weight. WISE will help you achieve and sustain weight loss through a unique five-fold approach:

BRAIN: You gain a clear understanding of the effects hyper-palatable foods and eating habits have on brain chemistry.

INNER GAME: You increase the health of your thoughts and emotions to develop inner strength.

KNOWLEDGE: You learn what to eat, how much to eat, and what emergency foods you can turn to through an e-learning multimedia platform.

SELF-CARE: You find ways to incorporate work-life balance, sufficient rest, stress resilience, and regular cardiovascular activity into your life.

SUPPORT: You join a group of supportive peers and/or follow the guidance of a coach (evidence-based research indicates that such support dramatically increases an individual's probability of achieving personal goals).

Give yourself the gift of health by becoming part of the WISE community today.


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Leap mentors have the expertise needed to help people succeed with mental-emotional health and relationship challenges.

We offer two unique methodologies for caring out our programs:

One-on-One Mentoring.

Sessions are carried out once or twice a week on the phone with one or two Leap mentors. A web-based dashboard similar to the one used in CareGroups is also provided, allowing for the healing process to take place constantly, not just during your sessions with your Leap mentor.

Note: Matching a Leap mentor with the client's specific needs is a critical factor in the Leap process. Leap mentors are all accomplished individuals who have been successful in the area they mentor in. Because the majority of Leap clients are not in the same location as the mentor,  video conferencing or a telephone can be used.

CareGroup Mentoring.

CareGroup Programs are carried out in small, confidential groups of 3-6 people, who all share a common mental-emotional health or relationship challenge. Research has shown that people tend to experience greater mental and emotional healing when matched with others who are undergoing the same transformative process. Together, with a Leap mentor and the group, you'll develop a meaningful interpersonal dynamic with others and you'll realize that you're not alone.

Each CareGroup also incorporates web-based tools into the program. These tools allow participants to log into the group's dashboard and access powerful support aids such as journaling, progress assessments, and "homework." The result of this integrated and interactive approach is that each group member is able to work through the healing process on his or her own time, not just during a scheduled session.


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