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The undeniable thing about my pain is that it does its job. It makes me face my demons and my reality. It forces me to seek resolution, to find a better way. And part of that raw reality is to come to terms with just who I am. I learn more about myself from my pain than I do from my joy. It's dealing with it that's the most difficult. But not dealing with pain will set me off down a very dark path where I will stop believing in myself, doubt my greatness and beauty and question my very existence. Not dealing with my pain will take away my passion for living and crush my dreams.


But there is good news for all of us who are in pain. And everyone belongs to the fellowship of pain at least to some degree during their lifetimes. What is more powerful than emotional pain is emotional intelligence which emerged as an important factor in mental health just a decade ago. There were mystics and new age proponents who believed in the power of EI long ago but they were largely scoffed at. But that has changed due to the support it has amassed from the world of science. Man has always been afraid of emotion but it has been to his detriment. Emotion is a powerful force that if understood and unleashed can only benefit us. We were taught by parents, schools and churches alike to repress those scary emotions that would get us into trouble and make us do crazy things. Why they could even make us certifiably insane!

But such a powerful force cannot be ignored or repressed forever. The applied science of emotional intelligence began edging its way into every sector of society, stood its ground and eventually began to be accepted on a widespread basis. Large organizations like corporations saw a better bottom line in the phenomenon nurturing the emotional aspect of employees improved performance and changed undesirable behavior.

The mental health industry latched onto it like a lost child it was the orphan that had been abandoned and abused for far too long. And when the cataclysmic joining of EI with Cognitive Behavior Therapy occurred the result can best be paralleled with the moment when uranium atoms were split and nuclear energy resulted. Old mores about mental health were blown up and the powerful fusion of emotional intelligence and self-awareness emerged. Just like an atomic bomb exploding, the power of this new methodology could not be contained or destroyed.


Now you're thinking where is he going with this. Stay with me! The emergence of this powerful new approach to treating mental illness can cure the majority of the mental illnesses and emotional distress from which millions upon millions of people suffer. You and those closest to you who suffer can be successfully treated with a multi-faceted approach that relies on the marriage of CBT and EI as an overarching element of the process. In the West, we have been too quick to accept pain and mental health disease as reality and over-treat them with drugs and therapy that has starts and stutters of success but yields no long-lasting results.

I like what a leading neuropsychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen's says: You're not stuck with the brain you're born with. Simple words that open up to all kinds of possibilities. His research shows multitudes of clinically validated cases where people who were living with a life sentence of mental illness or emotional pain went on to find peace joy and contentment and meaning based on the recognition of the role that emotional intelligence plays in mental health.

Consider Dr. Norman Doidge, a pioneering psychiatrist and esteemed researcher, who set out to investigate how the brain can heal, and met with some of the most accomplished scientists who championed this movement. Dr. Doidge's work takes us into new and unexplored terrain that is revolutionary and promising for those who seek mental and emotional healing.

To quote the highly regarded doctor: "Arguably the most important breakthrough in neuroscience was the revolutionary discovery, called neuroplasticity, which overthrew the centuries-old notion that the brain is fixed and unchangeable." It is not a pipe-dream or a metaphysical hope that the brain is not, like we thought it was. . . like a machine, or 'hardwired' with pre-conceived notions and unmovable concepts like a computer. Neuroplasticity is the belief that the brain can change which gives hope to humanity, hope to those who suffer from mental and emotional distress.

Blown away by these amazing advances, a group of colleagues and I were compelled to take action. Our enlightenment led us to create a place that we called, "Lolly-Land." We chose the most idyllic setting deep in the beautiful Monashee Mountains of British Columbia, Canada, for its location. Lolly-Land was crafted to mimic a greenhouse environment which we deemed to be the most conducive for optimal healing: the food, the outdoor activities, the playfulness, and the mentors who were all trained to think and feel differently about themselves, all contributed to the organic healing center.

Now over four years later, everyone involved with the center from the founders and mentors to the over 1,000 clients and their families agree what life scientists have known for over a decade: the brain can be healed from mental and emotional pain. The comprehensive five-point plan that embraces the union of CBT and EI includes: deep and strong contact with mentors; daily journaling; progress metrics; cardio-vascular regimens; and personal healing circles created by the clients themselves. This process is supported 24/7 by an effective array of self-help tools on our website.

We continue to carry out our work, helping one person at a time, one day at a time to lead them to the mental health that they deserve. Our initial challenge was to make mental health therapy more affordable, more effective and more readily available. I and my colleagues are happy and proud to report that we have achieved all three goals!

No matter what road you may choose in seeking mental health, never accept mental or emotional suffering as a life sentence or as something that defines you. You can heal.

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