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Through WISE, you will:

  • Learn about food and how to eat a nutritious balanced diet, tailored to meet your weight and health goals.
  • Keep a personal diary recording all the food you eat, along with your level of physical activity and other measures of self-care, in order to create awareness.
  • Attend weekly meetings via teleconference led by a WISE facilitator to learn new information, get help if you need it, receive encouragement, and encourage other group members in turn.
  • Get online support to help you set and track goals and understand the health benefits of the foods you eat.
  • Become more active by learning how easy it is to make activity part of your day and to enjoy doing it.
  • Manage stress and build emotional resiliency, which is often the key to controlling bad habits and making positive life changes.
  • Develop a dynamic motivation fostered through engagement with others who share the same goals as you.

The WISE program isn't a diet that you try and then stop. WISE is an 12-week process to establish a new way of eating and living that will enrich your life and help you overcome any future challenges you may encounter.


  • One hour per week (not including meal preparation)

  • Complete all training room lessons plus tracking and journaling

  • Add a WISE buddy

  • Connect with other WISE participants by joining our WISE Connect facebook group

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